Anthracite Small Nuts (Stovesse) - 25kg Bag

Anthracite Small Nuts (Stovesse) - 25kg Bag

Brand: S. Porretta and Sons Ltd
Product Code: S/V25
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Anthracite Small Nuts (Stovesse)

Looking for a natural smokeless fuel? Then Anthracite Small Nuts bring together all the qualities of a smokeless fuel with a high performing heat source. With a low flame and a small amount of ash left behind, Anthracite Small Nuts are ideal for use in cookers, boilers systems and closed appliances.

Anthracite Small Nuts pack together tightly to create an intense and long lasting firebed which is always popular with homeowners looking for an efficient heat rather than a beautiful flame. You can depend on this fuel to produce a uniform flame and high temperatures.

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