Approved Coal Merchant

Why use an Approved Coal Merchant?

The answer is simple..... S. Porretta & Sons Ltd who are registered coal merchants belong to the Approved Coal Merchants Scheme support and follow the Coal Trade Code.

What is the Coal Trade Code? - The Coal Trade Code began in 1962 as a joint financed venture between the National Coal Board and the wholesale and retail parts of the domestic coal trade. The Solid Fuel Association whose members include the major solid fuel producers/manufacturers and the distributive coal trade now finance the scheme.

Why was it created? - The scheme was created so that standards could be set for coal merchants and, in particular, a system could be developed to show their customers that they were keeping to those standards. The Code is administered by a National Panel with an Independent Chairman.

What does this mean to you the customer? – When a coal merchant joins the Approved Coal Merchants Scheme, he has to give some important undertakings to his customer, and the Scheme sees to it that he abides by the Coal Trade Code as follows:

  • Supply good quality coal and smokeless fuel correctly described
  • Ensure that packed fuels are marked with maximum information
  • Ensure that staff have a basic knowledge of the Retail Coal Trade
  • Supply suitable fuels for particular appliances
  • Investigate all consumer complaints properly
  • Display a detailed and up-to-date price list
  • Trade in a manner compatible with the good repute of the Retail Coal Trade
  • Make customers aware of the danger of carbon monoxide poisoning from burning fossil fuels and how they can obtain information to protect themselves