Wood Fuel Heatlogs

Wood Fuel Heatlogs

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Wood Briquettes

Easy to Light and High Heat Output

Extremely easy to light and burn similar to coal, they produce a very strong heat output with a slow burn time. They produce only the same amount of carbon dioxide that was absorbed by the tree during its life span, therefore helping to reduce greenhouse gasses and our impact on the environment.
100% Recycled

The 100% recycled sawdust and shavings are clean and untreated. They are compressed under extreme heat and pressure, which produces lignin, a natural component of wood. When cooled this lignin solidifies and binds the briquettes together, so as a result they contain no chemicals, additives or glues.

Each 10kg pack is the equivalent to at least three times that of logs. GPP Wood Fuel Briquettes have a low moisture content of 6-8%, compared with at least 25% for seasoned logs. This means with each builders bag of logs you are losing at least 1/3 of the weight to moisture.

No trees are felled to produce the wood briquettes, as they are made from sawmill residue that would otherwise go into landfill.
Easy to Handle and Stack

Supplied in strong, durable & conveniently sized packs, they're easy to handle and can be stacked a lot simplier than logs. The strong bags mean they can be stored inside or outside. The dimensions of a pack are 32cm x 20cm x 15cm.

Protects your Fireplace

The low moisture content helps maintain the chimney. Wet and unseasoned logs (high moisture content) can cause your chimney to become blocked and increase the risk of chimney fires. This is because burning wet firewood produces a thick tar like substance, which can be exremely flamable. Wet logs or firewood will is also produce a slightly acidic condesation, which can corrode chimney flumes.

Low Ash Content

The low moisture content means the briquettes burn right the way through leaving incredibly low ash content. You will not have to be constantly cleaning your fireplace when using our product.

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