How to light an Wood Burner or Multi-Fuel Stove

Wood Burner or Multi-Fuel Stove

  1. Build a small tower with kindling and place firelighters in the middle, ensuring that you leave plenty of air gaps.
  2. Light the firelighters and place more kindling on top.
  3. Ensure all air controls are fully open and close the door.
  4. Let the fire get hot, it should take 3-10 mins.
  5. Add smaller logs or a small amount of solid fuel; don't add too much or you may smother the fire.
  6. Once all the fuel is alight add larger logs or more solid fuel.
  7. After 15 - 20 mins adjust the air controls to the required level. No flames should be drawn up the shimney but the window should appear to be filled with flames. DO NOT reduce the air flow to the point where the fire is being hampered.