Real Coal Fire

“Oh how lovely, a real coal fire!”

How many times have you said that yourself when you enter a home with an open fire whether fuelled with logs, coal or smokeless fuel glowing gently in the hearth?

There’s an indefinable pleasure in the warmth, the sense of comfort and well being you feel that no other central heating system can give you, no matter how efficient it might be.

  • An open fire creates a sense of well-being by calming and relaxing.
  • There are hundreds of different styles to choose from and they all offer the 'living flame' and cosy glow that only a real fire can provide.
  • The open fire provides heat for your home by direct radiation, although some fires are available with a convection chamber to circulate warm air around the room.
  • The modern open fire, properly fitted and sealed is cleaner, brighter and more fuel efficient than ever before.
  • Open fires with a compatible back boiler considerably increase the efficiency of your home heating system, provide hot water and heat for up to seven radiators.
  • Controllable open fires are capable of slow burning through the night for up to eight hours on one fuelling and easy slide-out ash pans allow the removal of ash without having to let the fire go out.
  • Free standing canopy open fires are also available for installation into large inglenook fireplace openings.

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