Smokeless Fuel

Smokeless Fuel

It’s the real things in life that matter:

Walk into a room where a real coal fire is glowing gently in the hearth and you are immediately drawn to it. There really is nothing like it. A coal fire helps to make your house into a home – it is the very centre of things, a focal point for family life. With 300 years of proven reserves under the ground within the UK and ample supplies available from all continents of the world, the long term supply of Solid Fuel is guaranteed. Today, using Solid Fuel to heat your home has never been easier or more convenient. What’s more, the comprehensive range of domestic heating appliances – from simple, attractive open fires to advanced inset and freestanding stoves, free-standing boilers and cookers – gives you the flexibility to adapt, and the versatility to control your home heating far into the future.


On a modern Smokeless Fuel appliance, Smokeless Fuel provides excellent value for money. Most Smokeless Fuel appliances are more efficient then gas or oil fired boilers in their use of fuel at reduced output. More often than not people use their fire at less than full output, which ensures that Smokeless Fuel is even better value.


Many appliances are multifuel, able to burn housecoal, smokeless coal or wood fuels. Some can burn wood or coal in smokeless zones. The variety of Solid Fuel products available and delivered to your door by your local Approved Coal Merchant means an efficient fire whatever your appliance. Why Choose Solid Fuel ?


Today’s modern Smokeless Fuel appliances are easy to use and simple to control. The heat output of most appliances can be quickly pre-set to the desired temperature and left alone. Modern open fires are often known as "all night burners", keeping your home constantly warm and increasing your feeling of comfort and well-being. Boiler models can power radiators and provide domestic hot water at the same time as radiating warmth into the room. The latest gravity feed boilers are fully controllable. The large hopper capacity makes refuelling easy. They have the power and efficiency to provide hot water as well as heating to even the largest home.


Harmful condensation can cause mould growth and ruin the fabric of your home. The common cause of condensation – intermittent heating combined with inadequate ventilation and insulation – is greatly reduced in houses using Solid Fuel heating.

Designed to work economically day and night, Solid Fuel heating ensures the structure of the house never cools completely and the chimney acts as a source of warmth, and natural ventilation. Warmth transmitted through the chimney itself can provide up to 5% more heat in the home – equivalent to an additional radiator.

And what’s more Solid Fuel heating is not just healthier for your home – it’s healthier for you and your children. Recent research has shown that children brought up in homes heated with solid fuel fires are half as likely to develop hay fever as those from homes with other forms of domestic heating. There was a similar decrease in the risk of developing allergies such as asthma and eczema. In urban areas of the UK as many as one child in five now suffers from asthma. Research has also shown that asthma attacks can be triggered by nitrogen dioxide from gas fires and cookers and those least at risk live in homes with Solid Fuel fires.


More and more people are opening up their fireplaces to enjoy the warmth and comfort of an open fire. A living fire which becomes the focus of the room and the family.

There are many different styles to choose from and they all offer the flickering flame and cosy glow that only a real fire can provide.

An open fire actually creates a sense of well-being; it is calming, relaxing.

An open fire provides heat for your home by direct radiation, although some fires are available with a convection chamber to circulate warm air around the room.

Your modern open fire, properly fitted and sealed is cleaner, brighter and more fuel efficient than ever before.

Open fires with a compatible back boiler considerably increase the efficiency of your home heating system, provide hot water and can heat up to seven radiators at the same time.

Controllable open fires will stay alight for up to eight hours on one good fuelling and are capable of slowburning through the night, whilst easy slide-out ash pans allow the removal of ash without having to let the fire go out.

Efficient free standing canopy open fires are also available for installation into large inglenook fireplace openings.


Roomheaters combine the economy, efficiency and clean simplicity of an enclosed fire with all the comfort and welcoming appeal of a real fire.

Simple to control and fast to react to your heating needs, roomheaters provide radiant heat for direct warmth as well as creating a continuous flow of convected warmth which circulates throughout the room.

Roomheaters come in a wide range of designs, sizes, capacities and finishes.

Models are available for roomheating only or, with various capacities of integral back boilers, can heat up to ten radiators and provide abundant domestic hot water.

There is a wide range of attractive styles and designs to choose from, including freestanding models.

Roomheaters have an easy to empty ash pan to allow ashes to be removed without letting the fire go out.


Universally acknowledged and respected as the ultimate cooking experience, Solid Fuel Cookers combine classic good looks with the perfect cooking environment.

They not only cook food to perfection, they also keep the kitchen warm, whilst some models provide partial or full central heating as well as a continuous domestic hot water supply.

The concept of the Solid Fuel Cooker is simple. A controllable continuously burning fire in an insulated cast iron shell retains the heat. When you are ready to cook, the heat is readily available so food is gently and evenly cooked allowing it to retain all its full and natural flavour:

Solid Fuel Cookers burn a wide variety of fuels and all have easy to empty ash pans so that the fire need never go out.


Decorative and free-standing, stoves are capable of providing space heating, hot water and central heating.

Whilst the fire is contained behind doors, on many models the doors can be opened while the fire is alight to allow the warmth and glow of a real fire to complement the room. The doors should be closed when a more efficient slow burn is required or when the room is unattended. Attractive yet practical, stoves are available with boilers ranging from those with a small output – for supplying domestic hot water only – to the large output units capable of heating up to nine average sized radiators with thermostatic control.

Many stoves are multi- fuel and can burn wood or logs, as well as the full range of Solid Fuels, making them ideal for both urban and country living. There is a very wide range of designs, sizes and finishes to match any interior.


State of the art technology in central heating boilers means there’s a model to suit your home’s needs perfectly. There are two main types of independent boilers: batch fed and gravity feed. Batch fed models will provide domestic hot water and heat up to six radiators, which makes them ideal for a small house or cottage. Gravity feed boilers incorporate a large hopper which can hold several days’ fuel supply depending on demand. Gravity feed boilers burn small sized Anthracite and have an integral hopper above the fire box. The fuel descends on to the fire – fed as required and combustion is assisted by an in-built fan controlled by a thermostat – providing a quick response to demand. Gravity feed boilers are available in a wide range of outputs and sizes which can heat up to twenty radiators in addition to providing abundant domestic hot water.


Central heating, once considered a luxury, is now an affordable basic requirement in most homes. For the sheer pleasure of its comfort and warmth, Solid Fuel central heating is unbeatable.


Solid Fuel central heating provides all your domestic hot water needs, plus heat for as many as 20 radiators. The system may be run from an open fire with a back boiler or from a roomheater, by a multi-fuel stove, an independent boiler or by a gravity feed boiler which feeds itself.

The system you choose depends on what your home needs. What you get is efficient, economic and controlable heating.


The running costs of a glass fronted roomheater with full central heating are comparable with those of a conventional gas heating system and less than Economy 7 electricity or LPG*. Controlling the heat output of modern Solid Fuel appliances is surprisingly easy and, once set, they may be left alone for long periods. Consumers of Solid Fuel are also in the enviable position of being able to buy exactly how much they want, when they want it with no ‘standing charges’


Radiators can be fitted almost anywhere in the house and vary in size and style to match the style of your home. Long, low radiators can be fitted below windows; tall narrow radiators can be installed where space is limited. Some rooms may need double radiators, others just single panel or convector design. All types can be individually controlled by thermostatically operated valves which keep each room automatically at a constant temperature.


"Oh how lovely, a real coal fire!"

How many times have you said that yourself when you enter a home with an open fire whether fuelled with logs, coal or smokeless fuel glowing gently in the hearth? There’s an indefinable pleasure in the warmth, the sense of comfort and well being you feel that no other central heating system can give you, no matter how efficient it might be.

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