Homefire Ecoal

Homefire Ecoal

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Homefire Ecoal

Homefire Ecoal Smokeless Fuel - 25kg Bag

Homefire Ecoal 50 Cleaner, Greener, SMOKELESS Fuel for:

  • Open Fires
  • Multi - Fuel Stoves

Homefire Ecoal is Britain's finest smokeless fuels made using 50% renewable materials. This sustainable energy comes from sources like plants that absorb the equivalent CO2 during their life cycle as is released when burnt. This makes ecoal better for the environment than any other coal based smokeless fuel.

Being smokeless, ecoal emits only a fifth of the smoke compared to ordinary house coal and generates an impressive heat, leaving very little ash behind. Ecoal is slow burning, easy to control and demonstrates all the qualities of a traditional real fire.

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