KN95 Protective face masks

KN95 Protective face masks

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KN95 Facemask pack of two

The particle-filtering masks provide protection against particles such as pollen and dust but also bacteria and prevent them entering the body through the mouth and nostrils. KN95 face masks are designed to filter out a minimum of 95% of particles which make the filtration system highly effective.

Features of KN95 protective face masks

  •     Prevents particles entering the body through the nose or mouth
  •     Resealable pack
  •     Ear loops
  •     Double layer melt-blown
  •     Lightweight and breathable
  •     Comfortable fit
  •     Very high-filter efficiency - 95% 0.3 microns (smaller)
  •     High level of protection in enclosed spaces
  •     Very durable when compared to the traditional rectangle ear looped masks
  •     Dust, pollen, smoke and bacteria protection
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